Being a native Californian, I have lived and roamed the 48th my entire life... 

Aliso Viejo, you are home to us, literally. My wife and I moved here shortly after we got married. We had our son here, right down the street at Saddleback. We live local, shop local, eat local and want to govern - local. There are issues that need our attention, right now. We're one of the youngest cities in the 48th - both in municipality and demographically. 

Every summer concert in the Town Center, every movie night, we're reminded that all of these happy children rely on us... We Have Things To Do.

We are so blessed to live in one of the safest places in, not just CA, but the entire country. We must safeguard these blessings and lead by a California example. It's time to put partisanship aside and take business and family solutions to Washington D.C.

Join us, Aliso Viejo. 

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