Being a native Californian, I have lived and roamed the 48th my entire life...

Growing up, my Mom and I would drive out to the Costa Mesa swap meet and every single time she had to have the carnitas tacos before we left. I still love the swap meet; it's capitalism in action, the original Shark Tank.

My wife and I lived in Costa Mesa for years around when we got married. We lived near South Coast Plaza in a 690-square-foot one-bedroom walk-up apartment on the third floor. I won't tell you how much it cost then because it only cost more now. We still make trips back to our old stomping grounds. We have to for fantastic places like Arc, Pizza Ortica, East Borough, Ecco, Habana... there are too many, citywide.

My work's headquarters is currently located in Costa Mesa. I've been directly connected to the city for most of my adult life. The mix of corporate business, retail, industrial and tourism must all be fostered and preserved. Costa Mesa is also an amazing tapestry of citizens. We feel that the fabric of the city should be celebrated! Every voter has a right to the American Dream. It costs a lot to live here - but we all earn it - and it's worth it.

We must do more, though. We have to lead now by a California example. Costa Mesa knows how.

We Have Things To Do.

Join us, Costa Mesa.



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