Being a native Californian, I have lived and roamed the 48th my entire life... 

I married into Laguna Niguel, in a big way. Attending college up the coast at UC Santa Barbara, I wound up with most of my core group of friends now, all Dana Hills grads and OC locals. My wife was born and raised in Laguna Niguel her entire life. Her parents still live here. We are deeply rooted to this community, and we love every square of it.

I know the struggles facing us locally. As fortunate as we are to be Californians, life is never easy. I believe our campaign has solutions that will grow the middle and upper-middle classes in the United States. I believe Laguna Niguel is rooted in family and family values, and that we must safeguard their future, now.

Unstable economic markets and growing uncertainty always make retirement and preretirement investing hard. We need Congressional representatives that understand the right financial and business solutions to safeguard Medicare, Social Security and what American's need to protect their hard earned assets. Another '08-'09 scenario that wipes out 30-50% of ordinary folk's 401ks when they have no pensions to rely on is not the answer. This bubble and bust economy is not the way to plan for your Golden Years. That's what I have spent my entire professional career, living and breathing. Let me advocate for you, Laguna Niguel. Let's take California solutions to D.C. and run the government more like a business.

No longer can we allow two parties to bifurcate and divide us. We Have Things To Do.

Join us, Laguna Niguel.

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