Being a native Californian, I have lived and roamed the 48th my entire life... 

Newport Beach is world-renowned, and I've always appreciated living so close. There hasn't been a phase of my life that I didn't find a way to spend summers on the shores of Newport Beach. Who wouldn't? Kobe lived in the bluffs and helicoptered to and from games and practice. In Oceans Eleven, Andy Garcia threatened Brad Pitt that he'd be disappointed to find them buying luxury cars in... Newport Beach

Newport's reputation as a crown jewel in Southern California is well-deserved (despite the peninsula's best efforts). We kid, the peninsula! In truth, we know more about Mutt'sBeach Ball, Goat Hill and Cassidy's than we do yachts and caviar (we hope to learn more about those, too). But for now, we still just sail up from Dana Point and dock at Woody's.  

My work was first headquartered in Fashion Island - next door to the new PIMCO building. My wife and I got our wedding cake at an amazing boutique in Crystal Cove. When I worked at MetLife in Irvine, we would brave traffic on Jamboree to CDM for what everyone swore was Kobe's go to game day meal at LaFogata. Newport has been part of my life, my whole life.

That's why I want to represent it, now.

While Newport Beach has earned its reputation as a hub for the world's elite, it is now our responsibility to share that business savvy with the rest of the nation. We know full well what markets will bear and what they won't. It costs a lot to live here, like... a lot, a lot. But it's worth every penny, for all of us. We're so fortunate.

In California, we know how to work together. We know now, that We Have Things To Do.

Join Us, Newport Beach.


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