Being a native Californian, I have lived and roamed the 48th my entire life... 

I've always loved Santa Ana's rich history; it predates the state. It was long the hub of all Orange County and is still one of the most densely populated areas in America

My wife is a third generation teacher. She taught English and ran the cheer program for years at a Santa Ana high school. She only went on hiatus to have our son and still misses the students. The community came with its own challenges for teachers - but all communities do. While she was working full-time teaching in Santa Ana, she was also taking night classes to get her Masters in Education. She often commiserated with teachers from other school districts and learned quickly that from district to district, Capo to Irvine, Newport to Santa Ana, none of them had it easy. Our education system needs help. Our infrastructure needs help. Our communities need help. These are things we can do. Everyone deserves access to the American Dream. We Have Things To Do.

Santa Ana is also home to John Wayne Airport. I have flown all over this great Nation for work - multiple times, back and forth, in every direction. I like to think John Wayne would be damn proud to see how his namesake airport stacks up. SNA is great. It's probably my favorite airport in the country, and it's in our backyard. I know my airports; I used to know the best quiet restaurant with a friendly bar keep and port to charge up - in every major city and hub. When you travel like I did, they become your home office, your lily pads away from and back to your family.

My father-in-law was also a career commercial airline Captain after flying in the Navy. While he was never based out of SNA, I will forever appreciate the importance of our aviation community - for safety and convenience. We rely on them to get us home, every time.

We live in an amazing and rich place that is California, but we work hard to afford it, and it's never easy. We have to work for it again now, California. 

We Have Things To Do.

Join us, Santa Ana.