Being a native Californian, I have lived and roamed the 48th my entire life... 

Seal Beach and its Leisure World inhabitants have long been a focus of the health and longevity community. The now famous Leisure World Cohort Study wanted to know how so many of this community's members were living well beyond average life expectancy. Blue Zones and areas where populations are healthier and living longer must continue to be an example for all of us, Nationally, on how to live a better, happier, longer life. Seal Beach knows how. Loma Linda knows how. California knows how.

The area is also home to the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge and our Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach. With North Korea and Russia looming off our shores, the weapons station is a vitally important strategic point to both U.S. national security and our local Pacific security. This is all the more reason we cannot allow 3.6M pounds of nuclear waste to be buried in the sand... less than 50 miles away (inside the evacuation zone).

Seal Beach is of vital importance to our retirees, our Navy, our coastal ecosystem and an embodiment of the American Dream. Hard work pays off, and with enough hard work and luck, we can all hope to one day settle down on a slice of heaven like Seal Beach.

But right now, California - We Have Things To Do.

Join us, Seal Beach.

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