Nationally, guns kill more than 33,000 Americans, each year. That’s more than 82 people, a day.

Mass shootings are now so frequent we list them by city on the back of t-shirts like band tour dates.

187,000 students have been directly exposed to gun violence since Columbine. They have physical scars, of course; but they also have PTS, survivor’s guilt, nightmares and the anxiety we typically see in active combat veterans returning home from foreign wars (who are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate, near 22 a day).

School shootings, movies, concerts, night clubs and churches… any mass shooting is terrifying and unacceptable. If a foreign terrorist were carrying out these shootings, our nation would move Heaven and earth to protect our children. Instead, thanks to money in politics, partisanship and media whitewashing, we are stagnant on the problem and have been for decades.

What’s worse - while the big shootings get the clickbait and churn the media machine – handguns are overwhelmingly the culprit to those 33,000 deaths. That most gun deaths are domestic matters or that over two-thirds of the 33,000 are suicides should not make the deaths more palpable – nor should it make them less deserving of our attention.


Things we can do now:

- Pass Single Payer-->Medicare-For-All healthcare so that mass shooters and suicide victims in the making get the help they need – BEFORE they ever shoot anyone.

- Close the gun show and internet loopholes. 90% of us support Universal Background Checks. There shouldn’t be terrorists on no-fly lists that still buy weapons of war – inside our boarders. We need to cross reference IDs with criminal data bases to ensure serial offenders like domestic abusers, gang members and criminals can’t buy guns.

- Limit concealed carry to state’s rights and do not allow conceal carry reciprocity over state lines. Local law enforcement cannot be expected to know what every neighboring state allows when it comes to guns and what suspects may have on their person.

- Collectively destigmatize mental health. Your brain chemistry effects, everything. Your brain is like any other part of your body – no two are identical. Everyone should feel free to discuss mental health as they would cancer or any other health ailment.

- Limit clip sizes to 10 rounds or less. Reloading/switching guns… don’t tell us the time taken to switch doesn’t matter, tactically. It does, lives are saved every half-second longer they have to run.

- Limit weapons and customization that make them battlefield ready. Certain combinations of caliber, rate of fire and velocity serve no civilian purpose. Small caliber, high velocity weapons were created to shred flesh and internal organs… in humans. Battlefield mods like silencers and bump stocks are not conducive to hunting or home protection.

Things we can do long term:

- Create a federal license/registration for any new purchase of battlefield caliber weapons. This way – responsible gun owners and gun clubs can still own and operate currently available guns – but the supply and acquisition process will drastically limit the gun’s availability to the general public.

- Fight the gun lobby’s cancerous effects on our legislation. Vote out elected officials that have more interest in gun sales, than they do gun safety. Polls continue to show that we, the public, are in agreement – gun owners alongside non-gun owners.

Gun Solution - Plotter.JPG



These days, that’s all you have to say and everyone goes lock-jawed.

Once again, we find ourselves at an impasse thanks to partisanship. Everyone, to your corners!

You’re either:

Team Blue or Team Red. 

Pro-NRA or Anti-NRA.

Love the constitution or hate it, ya Marxist.

You’re either for all guns, with zero oversight on citizens - or - you want to take away all guns everywhere, forever.

No middle. No compromise.

Thus, nothing gets done.

Thing is, that’s not the way the bulk of Americans feel, at all. Gun owners agree on so many common sense safety measures that everyone else is asking for... yet the narratives always remain so bifurcated, so combative and so absolute.

Clickbait/profit media aside (since that’s an obvious reason to make the conversation one-on-one and ‘high stakes’) there are two primary reasons real solutions don’t happen:

1) The two establishment teams need terms clearly defined for fundraising and both are terrified of the real problem...

2) Lobbyists & Money. 

The root to this cancer is money.

Neither party has the courage to test the NRA and the gun lobby, at large. The NRA lobbies to write the laws at the federal level, but are even more influential at the state level.

Before we discuss the NRA any further, let’s admit to our participation in a binary premise that we just bemoaned: for or against the NRA. Unlike all of the solutions we can all discuss freely, the NRA has shut down their side of the conversation.

Their most recent stance taken in the media and on NRA TV is to attack and vilify child survivors of a mass shooting that occurred less than 2 months ago. The conversation is framed as a totalitarian takeover of all firearms.

The modern NRA is not the safety first, rifle marksman club that it once was…

Why? Why would a group that represents only 5 million Americans (most of which support gun safety reform) fight so hard against child victims?


The NRA stopped functioning as a gun owner group long ago and morphed into a gun lobby marketing arm and nothing more. They are one of the most influential lobby groups in DC, in any industry.

The NRA’s only goals now are to sell more product - guns, bullets, all the bells and whistles, attachments and accessories… like silencers and bump stocks. They use fear as a motivator. Fear of home invasion and violent crime (despite being at 40 year lows), fear of immigrants, fear of the government... 

For that reason, we’re anti NRA and will do everything we can to limit their lobby money’s cancerous effects on American’s lives – like we are doing in all industries.

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