The Problem:

Around 11million people are living in fear and anguish as we legislatively volley their future back and forth - with no clear goal or outcome - for over 30 years now.



Growing up in Southern CA we know how much of an asset our brothers and sisters from the South are. Regardless of which hemisphere they hail from, immigrants are an asset, not a liability. 

DACA kids, specifically were made a promise that if they came out of the shadows, they would have an opportunity toward the American Dream. They lived up to their part and have continued to be model citizens going to college, joining the workforce, and even the military.

Our immigration system is broken, outdated and bogged down. We must create a clear path to citizenship for the families here, and agree on a system for those yet to come.

A wall is a giant Big Govt spending project that will use imminent domain to carve through the entire southern boarder...

While cartels already tunnel and 40% of undocumented Americans flew in.

We Have Things To Do.

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