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Modern U.S. history begins with the strength of it's Workers Unions and the great global economic and military super power they were able to create. Unions were the backbone of our economy. They must be, again.

The good news is Americans are working. We're at 'full employment' anyway, have been for awhile. The other good news is the stock market is at all time highs and so are corporate profits... and earnings... and executive pay.

You feelin' it Middle-Class?!?!

Of course you're not. The most common (median) household income in the U.S. is $60,000 and hasn't changed much since the 1980's. Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck with mounting bills and stressful kitchen table conversations.

The $20T National debt aside, we're all paying our share of $12 Trillion we owe in private debt like mortgage/rent, school and auto loans, healthcare costs and credit cards. We also have drastically underfunded retirements that ironically, all count on the success of a stock market. The same all time high stock market that's already not helping us in the Middle-Class. 48% of Americans do not have a dollar in the market.

The economy is an ecosystem.

Each level of it must be healthy. Our current oligopoly of companies does nothing to help workers and consumers.

Unions are the single best way to heal our economic ecosystem. Unions keep things local, relevant and stable. Rather than sweeping regulations and massive rules, Unions are a market solution; an organic solution that doesn't rely on the government.

Collective bargaining from workers that benefit when the company benefits: Win-win. Workers that know their industry constraints - what's safe and what's not. Workers that just want to know they're valued like they should be.

Instead, the U.S. private sector employment is only 6% Union. Lowest in history.

That means no pensions for retirement; and on top of that, only 14% of employers even offer a 401k as an alternative. 

Retirement has never been harder for American workers.

A new infrastructure package would be huge toward this Union Strong revival and increase national GDP.

Increased worker wages increase the national economy through worker spending and that economic growth is compounded by those dollars going on to move more freely and efficiently in a massive, updated American infrastructure/commerce system.

Imagine, an investment in U.S.

Not a single business owner has ever started or grown their business without investing in it first.

It's time to grow. It's time to invest. 

We last built our Nation's vital network of roads, rails, waterways and bridges in the 1950's. It's high time for an update. One with Union Strong, good paying jobs, right here at home.

Let's see them outsource that.

We Have Things To Do.

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